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Music Clinic
"An extravaganza of musical genres woven into truly unique and memorable compositions"
- Creative Loafing
Catalpa has created their own unique style of rhythmic-acoustic sounds that are based around a fresh musical vision. Their music draws upon many genres from traditional Indian Ragas and Middle Eastern scales to hints of Latin, Celtic, European Classical, Jazz, and American Folk. Original compositions take audiences on a musical journey; blending improvisations that are spatial, and beautiful; flowing into movements that are breathtaking in intricacy and speed. Catalpa has been mesmerizing their audiences with unique soundscapes, arrangements and captivating melodies... Consistently praised by audiences as one of the "Must See Live Acts!"

Catalpa is currently performing their original music at live venues, festivals, colleges and universities, churches, spiritual centers, and private special events.

As a musical triad, Catalpa is a confluence of three unique individuals with diverse musical backgrounds: Joe Leone is the main composer on acoustic guitar; Souryadeep Bhattacharyya on sarod also composes; and Louis Romanos on a wide variety of ethnic hand percussion instruments. These three accomplished musicians came together and formed Catalpa out of their group, Gypsy At Heart, comprised of various artists on oud, cello, tabla, trumpet, double bass, violin, and drum kit.


Live at Hendershots Athens, GA,
Duet at
Unitarian Fellowship Atlanta, GA
"Thank you so much for journeying to Dalton to play for us on Saturday night! The concert was wonderful. Iíve heard great comments from people who were there, and I loved it. I really hope we can have you back next year!"

Ellie Jenkins, DMA
Associate Professor of Music
Dalton State College
"Catalpa weaves a tapestry of sound, blending different styles together effortlessly. The music is invigorating and soothing, like a warm breeze coming over the ocean. The room feels cozier and more welcoming after they play."

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
Athens, GA
"Catalpa captivated our students and faculty with their dynamic performance of original compositions."... Berry College

"Thank you Catalpa for your fabulous show at Dalton College. We want you back next year!"

"Fabulous : can't wait for your next show"

"So Good !!!!"

"Wonderful : spell binding ! no need to improve..great !!"

"cool music!"

"outstanding! Thanks !!"

"Ashville (?) concert opportunity...need to send music snippets"

"both engaging and meditative. Enjoyed it greatly !!"

"Beautiful Performance. Very soulful. Thank you !"

"Joe, sing a couple more? I love the sound. Thanks guys! I am a fan !"

"Lovely! Looking forward to more shows"

"Outstanding performance by you and your team! Great location too !! :)"

"The performance is a wonderful blend of music that was like no other I have ever heard! Thanks, Chris."

"Play more often! Very nice, especially in this setting!"

"Thank you for reminding me what great music is!"
... Patrick, soundman at Hendershots
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