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Catalpa has created their own unique style of rhythmic-acoustic sounds that are based around a fresh musical vision. Their music draws upon many genres from traditional Indian Ragas and Middle Eastern scales to hints of Latin, Celtic, European Classical, Jazz, and American Folk. Original compositions take audiences on a musical journey; blending improvisations that are spatial, and beautiful; flowing into movements that are breathtaking in intricacy and speed. Catalpa has been mesmerizing their audiences with unique soundscapes, arrangements and captivating melodies... Consistently praised by audiences as one of the "Must See Live Acts!"

Catalpa is currently performing their original music at live venues, festivals, colleges and universities, churches, spiritual centers, and private special events.


What is CATALPA?
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Catalpa is a tree with heart shaped leaves. Not only is it a large tree providing ample shade, its medicinal attributes are well documented... It's bark and leaves can be boiled to make a tea and poultices, often used in herbal medicine as mild sedatives and laxatives, and to treat skin wounds and abrasions. The leaves, flowers, bark, and roots have been used as a treatment for snake bites, whooping cough and even malaria; while the flowers and seed pods have also been used to make medicines for bronchial infections and asthma. Our name is thus a metaphor for our music: healing, spiritually uplifting, mystical, and inspirational.
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